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Defining Your Campaign 

Cratic & Associates works to create and attach a positive message to your campaign. We encourage candidates to run clean campaigns but also prepare the campaign for attacks with a strong rapid response system and opposition research, which is optional for campaigns. 

Opposition research does not mean mud-slinging or dirty politics, but knowing the record of your opponent or competition. We provide the research for the campaign to know who it is running against and how to run, based on the issues. 

By keeping the campaign on message with the press and community through constant communication and answering false political attacks through rapid response channels, the other functions of the campaign are able to operate at full capacity. 

Campaign Media Strategy

Campaigns are not won in the media, but they are lost there. Cratic & Associates handles media management for New and Tradition Media. We use social media avenues, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., to carry your message to a new demographic. 

Using earned media to directly reach the voter base is essential in our communication strategy. Having a presents on Twitter or Facebook is not enough. We create and maintain a dialogue between the campaign and the voters. Using social media as a vehicle for your message is important, having a conversation with the electorate is more important and we focus on the conversation. 

Paid media must have a strong message which reflects the campaign on the ground. Targeted mailers, robo calls, email blast and television and radio spots are communication functions Cratic & Associates can handle for your campaign. Connecting your campaign to the voters is our mission. 

Creating media events and scouting venues to strengthen the character and message of the campaign is a part of the Cratic & Associates package. Your campaign must be in the community's schools, libraries and transit stations talking about the importance of effective city government. We look to define your candidacy before your opponent.
Voter Contact 

Voter contact is essential in a campaign. Each contact with a voter is too valuable to waste on non-targeted mailers or blind literature drops. 

At Cratic & Associates we use our resources to target voters and analyze data so your campaign’s money and time is not wasted. 

By using our database of voters for targeted mailers, robo calls and email blast and absentee ballot monitoring, we can monitor and turnout positive voters to the polls. 

Creating effective canvassing programs and well places opinion editorials.  Our team has worked with the the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on creating canvassing programs which knocked on over 113,000 doors.