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  "I want you to support HB 3236, HB 3469 and HB 3186. Thank you."

HB 3236 - The Small Business Health Insurance Bill

Allows small business to create non-profit health insurance cooperatives and provides guidelines and
criteria for the creation of these health benefit purchasing cooperatives. These cooperatives would be a
lower-cost alternative to the purchase of health benefits directly through insurance companies as they
will increase buying power and stabilize or lower premium rates. The Health Care Act appropriated 6
billion dollars in federal grants and loans to encourage the creation of health benefit cooperatives. This
legislation would allow Illinois small business to access this federal money. It is supported by the
Illinois Department of Insurance.

HB 3469 - The Small Business Banking Bill

Requires banks to report their small business lending to the state. Specifically, each banking house,
branch, branch bank, or branch office shall be required to report the number of loans made to small
businesses. Small business often has trouble getting loans. This bill will enable the state to know which
banks are lending to small businesses, and which ones are not. Such data will help to determine future
policies to encourage more banks to lend to small businesses.

HB 3186 - The Small Business State Contracts Bill

Both bills create a small business set aside program for all state contracts. They provide that at least
10% of the total dollar amount of State contracts will be set as a goal to be awarded to small
businesses. The legislation also includes guidelines for the creation of plans to reach that goal and
annually reporting of implementation. In addition, SB113 would require that at least 25% of the total
dollar amount of available to the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for the
awarding of grants be awarded to small businesses. Both bills are supported by the Federation of
Women Contractors (FWC) and the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA).